国铭功夫学院 – 学少林功夫 | Having grown up in a family of Chinese Kung Fu practitioners, learning Kung Fu at an early age was easy for Master Sun (Shifu Sun Guoming, 孙国铭, 法号: 释延铭, 少林寺34代俗家弟子). His studies began at the age of seven years old.  By 1994 Master Sun’s natural athletic talent and passion for Kung Fu was quickly recognized and thus was accepted to receive formal training at the Songshan Shaolin Temple (少林寺) in China.

Shaolin Temple, also known as the Shaolin Monastery, is world renowned as a place where Chinese Kung Fu originated.  This temple in the Henan province of China is where Master Sun began a life of intensive daily 8 to 10 hours of training under Shaolin Grandmasters, learning their traditional 1,500 year old Shaolin Kung Fu forms and systems (少林功夫).  Shaolin Kung Fu fully trains an entire person beyond just the practice of martial arts to include the physical, spiritual (non-religious) and well-being of an individual.

The training and discipline that Master Sun received provided him with the opportunity to tour internationally to advise and mentor others as part of numerous cultural exchanges.  His travels included visiting Russia, Belarus, Estonia, and Ukraine from 2002 to 2006.

In 2006, Master Sun and the Shaolin Kung Fu group (少林寺功夫表演团) embarked on a six- month tour throughout the United States, performing at popular locations including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Florida, Oakland, Washington, and Philadelphia.  Due to Master Sun’s outstanding stage performance, tireless work ethic, and his willingness to spend his spare time teaching others his skills, he received numerous accolades from leaders throughout the country.

Once the U.S. tour performance ended in 2007, Master Sun settled in the Bay Area to begin a new chapter in his life, teaching others about this traditional martial arts. By June of 2014, he focused his lifetime passion of Shaolin Kung Fu and teaching into creating a new establishment, Sun’s Kung Fu Academy in San Jose.  This long time dream of opening his own training center to teach Shaolin Kung Fu has given him the opportunity to educate and mentor others both young and old in this tradition and culture.

Many of Master Sun’s students he has coached and mentored over the years have followed him to his new school to support his dream of further teaching others.  His deep appreciation of the tradition and ongoing support of his former students has driven him to continue teaching Shaolin Kung Fu to others so they can also benefit from the long-term physical and spiritual wellness that is a major part of this traditional discipline.

Notable Awards and Competition Experience:

  • In 2000, Master Sun was invited to participate at (大相国寺) one of China’s largest Buddhist temple and cultural exchange center where he received their top performance award.
  • In 2001, Master Sun traveled with the Shaolin Kung Fu group (少林寺功夫表演团) performing Shaolin Kung Fu at numerous historical and cultural park centers in Henan, China such as the Han Yuan Beilin, KaiFeng Fu, and Qingming Shang He yuan. Master Sun was rated as one of the top performers.
  • In 2003 Master Sun received first place in 棍术 Cudgel form at the Shaolin Wushu Performance Competition (少林武术表演赛).
  • Master Sun won first place in the Double Sword (双刀) form at the 2003 Wushu Championship (中国武术锦标赛) in China.
  • Master Sun won all around 1st place in the 2004 Wushu Competition (山东武术比赛) in Shangdong, China.
  • In October 2004, Master Sun received top performance award at the 1st annual World Traditional Wushu Festival (首届世界传统武术节) held in Zhengzhou, China. It was a 5-day event bringing together Chinese martial artists around the world. The event reportedly had over 48,000 delegates from around the world, setting a new record of attendance for a martial arts event in China.
  • In May 2005, Master Sun participated in the 4th annual Wushu Cup (第四届 “武术杯”) in Dengfeng City, Henan, China. He was crowned as the King of Double Whip (双鞭王).

Our school offers Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu classes 学习少林功夫 (also known as Chinese Martial Arts or Wushu) for kids and adults in our studio located in San Jose, CA.

Available Classes: Kung Fu Martial Arts classes for kids and adults, Wushu team for advanced students, and Qi Gong, Meditation and Wellness for adults.
On-site School and Corporate Wellness Programs: We can also create a Shaolin Kung Fu workout, fitness class for your school or corporate wellness program. Please contact us for details.

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